Sunday, January 16, 2011

Script of the Week:

I've started experimenting with gist for storing and sharing snippets of code online. Below is a summary of a script that I use to synchronize directories across different machines using rsync.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Forensic Bioinformatics and Clinical Trials

From a Nature News article titled Cancer trial errors revealed:

Now, in response to information obtained by Nature under the US Freedom of Information Act, Kornbluth and Cuffe have offered their account of the mistakes that led the trials to be restarted even after they learned of potential flaws in the underlying data. The affair will have an impact beyond Duke, as the Institute of Medicine, part of the US National Academies in Washington DC, begins to examine research on genome-based patient testing. Originally commissioned to investigate Duke's controversial trials, the institute's US$687,000 study is now expected to focus on providing broader recommendations for the design of clinical trials that similarly use genomic data from individual patients to tailor therapy.

This seems like a big mistake on the part of the panel.


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