Saturday, February 20, 2010

Amy Bishop - Strange and Deluded

Amy Bishop is clearly a disturbed individual who tragically attacked her colleagues with a gun, killing three and wounding several more. The more that I learn about her story, the stranger the picture of her situation becomes. Apparently on one of her papers she lists her husband and their three children as co-authors.

From Mary Agnes O'Connor at Shepherds and Black Sheep:

"Evidence strongly suggests that Dr. Bishop used her husband, her family and by all appearances the sham 'Cherokee Labsystems' to fabricate a record of recent accomplishments. Her use of essentially an online vanity publisher further diminishes her professional stature.

It should have been no surprise to Dr. Bishop that the University easily saw through the smoke and mirrors and that she would not receive tenure. But an oversized ego can be blinding."

The blog post is worth reading if you're interested in the life of this neurobiologist-turned-murderer.